Social Media Neuroses

Is social media and internet communication making us neurotic? How many times a day do you check your emails? How often do you look at those SEO stats? Do you ever just stare at them waiting for them to go up? 

Do you sleep with your phone? When you wake up in the middle of the night, do your fingers navigate to your email? Twitter feed? WordPress app? 

What is happening to us? Or is it just me?

I remember when I used to write letters and send them with a stamp. Many people nowadays probably don’t think we used to do that. But back then, you couldn’t check the mail box every five minutes because the mailman only came once a day. 

We have all these ways and devices to stay connected and yet, we compete for each other’s attention more now than ever. 

Maybe if I post about puppies and babies you’ll look at this. Maybe, I have to put a giant, inflatable gorilla on this blog and then you’ll be drawn in. (Do those things really sell cars?)

I see authors giving away, not books, but gift cards. Real money. 

Where does it end? I think the need for instant gratification has gone too far. Sometimes I want to throw my phone in the river and walk away, but I am afraid that the resultant panic attack will make me dive in after it. 

Maybe we missed something along the way. 




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