At the end of August we make pilgrimage to a fictitious New England and pay homage to the Old Ones, to their great prophet himself and to a lot of other cool shit!



I can’t wait actually. It’s going to be three hazy days of endless inundation. I’ll be so exhausted when I come home I will swear I’ll never do another and then after a good night’s sleep miss it like hell. 

I don’t think it get’s any geekier than a Lovecraft Con in Rhode Island. I mean…well, I take it back, Twilight in Forks. But I would only show up there if I were a real blood-drinking vampire and then only for a feast. Anyway, join us if you’re not too freaked out about cosmic horror outside the ken of man. Image

On a steal squid I ride…


Yeah see, I’m ready…( i actually didn’t buy the hat, but still…I should have)

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