The Reason Why Your Book Does Not Suck

So often we writers fear the worst about our work, the dreaded four letter word that seems worse than an…continue reading

Counting Jelly Beans

A while back I ran across this post–it was one of those buzz feed things that was intended to make…continue reading

Untitled Post

I have not done a post in forever because I decided to go “underground” and put all of my attention…continue reading

Awesome Book Trailer from Hell

A Break Up Letter

Dear Rotten Tomatoes,  It’s been a long time coming that I write this letter to you. I don’t mean to…continue reading

Vorpal Blade Publishing Now Open

Oh my God, its been such a wonderfully strange week. Things are starting to move in the right direction. Really…continue reading

Attitude Adjustment (because sometimes we all need one)

1. I will not disparage my own work.  2. I will not compare myself with other writers (artists).  3. I…continue reading

Gods and Monsters

Grizzly, surly and possessed of steely eyed stares from a life at sea, there would be few things more formidable than dog headed sailors.

“Poppycock!” she screamed.

My book Poppycock: A Midsummer Night’s Mare has been set free this morning. At least the digital edition, the print…continue reading

SF Morgue Tour (Dead Man Toga Party)

A couple months ago I had the chance to take a tour of the San Francisco Medical Examiner’s facilities. I…continue reading