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Shark Bait Giveaway

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A few years ago, when I was kicking around ideas for a blog, trying to come up with how and…continue reading

Some Movie Cliches That Make Me Crazy

Does anyone know why whenever a foreign character in a movie talks to the main character in the foreign language,…continue reading

Is Circus Freakism Immoral?

So, here’s the big question: is it wrong to have circus freaks? When I was a young man, in my…continue reading

Social Media Neuroses

Is social media and internet communication making us neurotic? How many times a day do you check your emails? How…continue reading

What Profession Should a Protagonist Be? Opinions Welcome.

So, I’ve been going on a Stephen King role on Audible with the Tommyknockers and now I am almost done…continue reading

Indie Versus Small Press, Which is Better?

Well, I got Prizm up. So, this little image on the side of the blog page here actually clicks through…continue reading

Nine Reasons Why You Or Someone You Know Should Actually Read Fiction

I recall a conversation with my mom. We were talking about reading and how that compares to watching movies and…continue reading