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Mathematic Harmony

Did I go to see the new Wolverine because I thought it would be a good movie? Nah. Did I…continue reading

A Wee Horn Toot

Well, it’s in: the first review on my book, Demon of Montreal! How pleasant this one is. I thought hey,…continue reading

The Best Way to Do It (on paper!)

Yeah, I was going to do a post about cliched sayings that it seems every book has to have, like…continue reading

How a Parallel World Opened Up in the Kitchen

I am a pancake-o-philiac. That’s a made-up term meaning “pancake lover.” Well, it got a little out of hand at…continue reading

Highschool Crushes, Phantom Pregnancies and Stone Babies

In high school I met Missy. I have no idea where Missy is now and maybe she’ll read this post…continue reading

Prizes at the Door

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I want to get some feedback on my book Demon of Montreal. Here’s a link where you…continue reading

Carnival Barking for The Age of Aquarius

Ah, ’twas the moment I had been waiting for. The day my books came in the mail! No writer should…continue reading

Musings on Ocean at The End of the Lane with Spoilers

So I read it. And liked it. Actually I listened to it, which is better than reading it because Neil…continue reading