Monthly Archives: June 2013

Swiss Cheese and Bug Theory

This is a total niche nerd post. I’m putting up Prizm maps. These are wormhole maps.  In the book its…continue reading

When Idea’s Dry Up

Does anyone ever get writer’s block?  I used to say no to that question, because I never thought I did.…continue reading


  Here’s a first in a series on Unexplained Phenomena That We Could Probably Solve if we tried a little,…continue reading

New Poll: Which One Are You?

Prepare the World Engine! and other cheesy lines…

  Well, it finally arrived. We–me–had been waiting month after agonizing month for the release of this epic event.  …continue reading

The Death of Modern Spiritualism? Nah.

  You have to appreciate that the beginning of Modern Spiritualism is credited to three young ladies from New York.…continue reading

As Above So Below

As above, so below. As within so without… I’v been completely immersed in research for my next book. Studying the…continue reading

The Way James Brown Sings

They just don’t make ’em like they used to. One is hard pressed to compare the old music legends with…continue reading


At the end of August we make pilgrimage to a fictitious New England and pay homage to the Old Ones,…continue reading